Broccoli oil Organic in bulk

Broccoli Seed Oil Cold Pressed, Organic

100% Broccoli seed oil organic without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and filtration.

Botanical name (INCI): Brassica Oleracea Italica Seed Oil

Odor: pleasant, slightly reminiscent of broccoli

Color: yellow

Origin: Italy

For cosmetic use only

From CHF 145.00

Ideal for composing your hair care, its comparable sheathing action.
with silicones gives hair softness and shine without weighing it down or suffocating it.

Its smoothing effect allows you to control the small ones.
curls and frizz, and it is fabulous for formulating serums for damaged ends.

As a cosmetic ingredient, Organic broccoli vegetable oil is an excellent nutrient source for the skin.

As a hair care ingredient, Organic Broccoli vegetable oil is known for these properties :

Conditioning effect comparable to silicones (facilitates detangling, brings softness and shine to the hair):

- Reduces the static effect observed when brushing.
- Maintains hydration and nourishes the hair without weighing it down.
- Excellent nutrient source for hair.


- Damaged, dry, dull hair.
- Brittle and forked tips.
- Fine hair with a tendency to tangles.
- Frizz, curly, wavy, unruly hair.


Use as an ingredient in your preparations: shampoo and conditioner detangles, hair care and masks.

Broccoli seed oil contains useful fatty acids and beneficial vitamins such as vitamins A, C, K and B.

Some people are turning to broccoli seed oil as a healthier alternative to retinoids or over-the-counter retinol products. These products all use a form of vitamin A that helps the skin regenerate faster.

In addition to vitamin A, broccoli seed oil also contains linoleic acid, which promotes the synthesis of ceramides.

Ceramides, found in the top layer of the skin, not only regulate skin cells, but also help form a protective layer that retains moisture and visibly plumps the skin.

By promoting the production of ceramides, broccoli seed oil can be particularly useful for mature skin seeking extra moisture and a younger appearance, another way to naturally slow down aging.

Increasingly, broccoli seed oil has included the following:

- Anti-aging oils and serums

- Make-up

- Shampoos

- Conditioners

- Hair styling products

- Body and hand lotions

- Baum

- Lip care products

Use for the skin:

- Dry skin: Apply a drop or two of broccoli seed oil to dry areas of your body. Use more oil if the area of concern is larger. Massage the oil lightly until it is absorbed. It may also help to soothe inflammation and skin irritation.

- Wrinkles or dryness of the face/neck: Apply several drops of broccoli oil to the palms of your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Now pat and squeeze the oil all over your face and neck. If you are using a moisturizer, put it on before the oil.

- Night Skin Treatment: Apply the same way at night for a night treatment.

- Razor bumps and burns: Warm a drop or two of oil in your hands and lightly massage the affected area to promote healing.

- Nails and cuticles: To give your nails and cuticles a therapeutic treat, place a fraction of a drop of broccoli seed oil directly on each nail, one at a time, and then rub along the bed and cuticle. Leave it on until all the nails have been treated. Be sure to remove any nail polish and rinse well before applying the oil.

Storage: Cool, dry, protected against light, in sealed and completely filled packages.
Shelf life: In original packaging minimum 24 months from production date.


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Tél  +41 26 912 50 50


Larisa Brinkerhoff
Jojoba Gold
Place du Pra 7
CH-1635 La Tour-de-Trême


Tel  +41 26 912 50 50


Larisa Brinkerhoff
Jojoba Gold
Place du Pra 7
CH-1635 La Tour-de-Trême


Tel  +41 26 912 50 50