Who we are and our products

Jojoba Gold was created in 1990 to introduce the wonderful properties of organic jojoba oil from the United States to the Swiss market.

The founder of Jojoba Gold was Bob Brinkerhoff. His nickname was “Bio-Bob” because he loved nature in general, and also everything that is pure, natural and organic.

In a few years, Jojoba Gold has become one of the main suppliers of certified organic products in Switzerland.

We supply organic oils to various cosmetic laboratories, thermal centers, SPAs and wellness in large hotels, as well as specialized institutes, craft manufacturers, not to mention many therapists and private individuals.

Jojoba Gold offers a wide selection of certified organic products with fast, personalized and efficient service.

Our oils are all cold extracted (mechanically without solvent or other chemicals) and controlled organic cultivation.

Thanks to our internationally recognized organic certification by Ecocert Swiss AG, you are guaranteed to have the highest quality oil possible. 

Jojoba Gold does not have a real store, only Shop on-line.

However, the products can be obtained directly from our office after placing an order and paying for it in Shop-online.

Shipping costs will be refunded to the account used for payment. It is important to place the note in your order that you wish to pick up your products directly at our office.

It is necessary to arrange by e-mail in advance the date and time for the visit, as the Jojoba Gold office is open to customers only on pre-arranged days and time.

Jojoba Gold office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


 Larisa Brinkerhoff


Carrier oils, also known as oil bases or vegetable oils, are an essential part of aromatherapy.

They are extracted from the fatty part of a plant, like grains, seeds or nuts. This type of oil contains fat-soluble minerals, vitamins and other nutrients and can provide various therapeutic properties.

In terms of the best choice of carrier oil, it depends entirely on the therapeutic benefit, the color and the overall aroma you want to achieve.

JOJOBA GOLD offers a wide selection of nourishing live oils, fresh and 100% pure and natural, first cold pressed, certified organic.

All information presented on the site is for informational purposes only. The use of oils for treatment must be agreed with your doctor.


Essential oils are extracted from flowers, herbs and plants and have been used for healing, aromatherapy and perfumes for thousands of years.

People recognize the benefits of pure essential oils and their use is becoming more and more popular.

The oil you have chosen can be inhaled or applied to the skin using compresses, sprays, baths or massage while it is diluted in a carrier oil.

Our organic essential oils are pure and natural, complete and unmodified.

Each oil has its own story and is so wonderfully unique and nuanced!

Presentation: Amber glass bottles with self-sealing dropper with internal cone.

All information presented on the site is for informational purposes only.

The use of oils for treatment must be agreed with your doctor.

The site owner is not responsible for the unprofessional use of aromatherapy products.


Our Bio macerates are obtained by maceration of plants in vegetable oils.

Our oily macerates are fresh, pure and 100% natural, without additives or preservatives. Very high quality, these are concentrated assets!

Recommendations for the use of our products posted on our website are for informational purposes only and are in no way related to any therapeutic purposes. We sell ingredients for natural cosmetics, information is provided based on the overall reputation of the product.

We have a beautiful range of butters and waxes of pure and natural organic vegetables, without bleaching, without preservative and without perfume.

Butters and waxes add nourishing and therapeutic quality to the skin with mixtures of body butter and lotion.

These carriers offer the aroma therapist a variety of options and naturally help thicken the whipped butter, cream and lotion.

Use these pretty butters and waxes to make creative blends.

All information presented on the site is for informational purposes only. The use of oils for treatment must be agreed with your doctor.


We post detailed descriptions of our products on our Facebook page, recipes for making your own cosmetics at home, tips for using vegetable and essential oils, and much more.

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