Arnica Organic macerated oil in bulk

Arnica Macerate Dry, Organic based on Olive Oil, Organic – for cosmetic use, stabilized with rosemary extract


Organic Arnica flowers are macerated in organic olive oil (100 g dried flowers per kg oil). The macerate is filtered and stabilized with 640 ppm organic rosemary extract based on organic sunflower oil.

Botanical name (INCI): Arnica Montana Flower Extract/ Olea Europaea Fruit Oil/ Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract / Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Odor: typical product, without off-smell

Appearance: from light yellow to brown

Origin of raw materials:

Olive oil: Spain, Arnica: Romania

Country of Production: Germany

Use: organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics



From CHF 115.00

Arnica macerated oil is an excellent oil for covering larger areas of the body after exertion as the oil spreads more evenly across the skin.

Made by infusing arnica flowers into olive oil which is vitamin rich and moisturizing for the skin so it’s perfect for use after sports.

  • Ideal to massage into the skin after exercise.
  • Olive oil base allows you to cover larger areas of the body with ease.
  • Nourishes the skin with organic olive oil base.
  • Arnica macerated oil makes an excellent base for salves, creams and lotions.

You can mix two to three drops of arnica oil with every 8 to 10 drops of carrier oil to create a mixture to coat your scalp. Leave this hair mask on for no more than 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

It rejuvenates the scalp and make the hair follicles healthy leading to strengthening of hair and prevent premature falling.

It also prevents premature greying and split ends especially if used with arnica hair oil.

The primary use for arnica oil is that of healing wounds when they are closed. But healing comes in many forms and can be pursued in many ways.

One of the main arnica oil uses is keeping it on hand can provide a quick remedy for swelling, inflammation, and pain.

As a topical treatment, we expect arnica oil to seep down into the skin, be used and detoxified on its way through, and ultimately have an effect on the body by way of skin barrier.

On its way through, however, there are other arnica oil uses and actions than simple pain relief occurring.

Another aspect of pain relief from arnica oil takes us to post-workout times.

Arnica oil, used properly, is one of the most important tools for our healing essential oil first aid kits.


Storage: Cool, dry, protected against light, in sealed and completely filled packages.

Shelf life: In original packaging minimum 24 months from production date.



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Larisa Brinkerhoff
Jojoba Gold
Rue du Vieux Chalet 20
CH-1635 La Tour-de-Trême


Larisa Brinkerhoff
Jojoba Gold
Rue du Vieux Chalet 20
CH-1635 La Tour-de-Trême