Juniper essential oil Organic 10 ml

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Juniperus communis – Bulgaria

Our certified organic juniper berry essential oil is steam distilled from the fruit of an evergreen tree cultivated in forested regions of Bulgaria.

One of our favorite ways of using this essential oil is in a massage blend to help improve circulation and reduce fluid retention.

The stunning blue berries of the Juniperus communi tree create a piney, woodsy, resinous essential oil.

A powerful immune support, this is a lovely oil to use in cleaning products.

Emotionally and energetically, juniper essential oil is often chosen to cleanse and protect the mind and spirit. It can provide emotional fortitude when one is overwhelmed or worried and usher in peace and comfort during difficult moments.

The odor of essential juniper oil is a surprisingly multi-layered, delicate and pleasant aroma. It is very fresh, richly smoky, with hints of aromas of woody buds and plum stones.

This oil belongs to the group of active aphrodisiacs and intensely tonic odors.

Juniper oil is fully disclosed in combination with citrus essential oils, especially orange.

Impact on the emotional sphere

Juniper fragrance belongs to the group of sun, symbolizing strength, intelligence, success, bearing protection, healing and inspiration.

Juniper oil on an emotional level helps to overcome apathy, laziness, drowsiness, unreasonable experiences and fears, sets up a positive way.

Increasing concentration and activity, this oil helps to cope with stressful situations, stress. The overall effect on the nervous system is firming and toning.

Use in cosmetology

By promoting deep cell regeneration of the epidermis, juniper oil improves its condition, eliminating lethargy, flabbiness, uneven color and signs of fatigue, and effectively fights cellulite.

This essential oil can be used for daily skin care of any type, but is most suitable for oily skin.

Combines cleansing, astringent and antiseptic properties, qualitatively penetrates the pores and prevents stagnation.

In hair care, juniper fruit oil has a fortifying effect, restores natural shine and actively prevents dandruff.

Juniper essential oil can be used in all known aromatherapy techniques.

• For individual aroma pendant diffusers, you should not add more than 3 drops, and for electric fragrance diffuser, 5 drops of this oil are enough.

• In aroma bath it is better to add up to 6 drops of essential oil diluted in a liquid or alcohol emulsifier.

• For hot inhalations, do not add more than 3 drops of juniper oil to water, and the duration of any hot or cold inhalation should not exceed 7 minutes.

• For compresses, changes in the properties of cosmetics will be enough 5 drops of juniper oil (for every 10 g of base).

• Due to the unique phytoncidal properties of juniper oil is used not only for medicinal purposes and in cosmetic procedures, but also to protect domestic animals from annoying insects.


Important: essential oils are highly concentrated vegetable essences, so they require dilution with carrier vegetable oils.

Presentation: Amber glass bottles, self-adhesive dropper with internal cone.

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