Mallow Organic Oil macerate 100 ml

CHF 9.00

Malva macerating oil, Organic. Based on Sunflower oil, Organic - for cosmetic use only.

10% dry mallow plant organic is macerated in sunflower oil organic and added subsequent filtration.

INCI: Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil / Malva Sylvestris Extract

Origin: Bulgaria/Germany

Common Mallow is a beautiful purple flower that is widely used in beauty products.

The oil of this flower nourishes the dry and damaged skin. Common Mallow is botanically known as Malva Sylvestris. It is purple with dark veins and a pleasant smell.


  • anti-irritant, antipruritic
  • anti-rash, and anti-dehydration properties
  • astringent
  • calming, soothing
  • moisturizing, skin emollient
  • anti-age effect for skin
  • promoting hair growth