Calendula oil macerate Organic 100 ml

CHF 10.00

Calendula Macerate dry Organic, based on Olive Oil

Calendula flowers, Organic are macerated with Olive oil, Organic (0.2 kg dried flowers per 1 kg oil).

The macerate is filtered.

Usage: organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics

INCI: Calendula Officinalis extract / Olea europaea fruit oil

Origin: France

This base oil contains a sufficient amount of nutrients, in particular, it is characterized by a high concentration of flavonoids and carotenoids, but it is valued primarily for the very high content of linoleic acid.

In addition, it is possible to find palmitic, palmitoleic, oleic, stearic, arachidic and linoleic acid in the oil from Calendula.

Use in cosmetics

Cosmetics based on calendula suitable not only for oily skin care.

First of all, it is recommended for the care of dry and sensitive skin.

Calendula oil has strong moisturizing and protective properties that increase the skin's resistance to negative external factors.

Also, calendula oil is a natural UV filter that can prevent sunburn.

Calendula is often used as one of the components of a hair shampoo. As part of the makeup cosmetics for hair, calendula has a calming effect and generally heals the scalp, and also contributes to the nutrition, cleansing and strengthening the hair along the entire length.

You can see for yourself the miraculous power of calendula oil: apply a little oil on the coarsened skin and within a few minutes you will notice how much softer it has become.

These properties of the oil are quite often used for the production of cosmetics, aimed at instantly moisturizing and protecting delicate skin, for example, lips.

Choosing hygienic lipstick based on calendula, you are guaranteed to get an effective remedy for softening and healing of chapped lip skin.

In cosmetology, calendula oil is most often used for the care of inflamed and sensitive skin, with an emphasis on the soothing properties of this base oil.

It is used for skin care in the winter and in a variety of protective cosmetic creams.

Calendula oil prevents cracking of the skin on the hands, is an ideal way to care for the skin of the hands, which are often exposed to extreme chemicals or temperature changes.

Calendula is also well suited for removing irritations from children's skin, in particular, rash on the skin after using diapers.

In a mixture with another base oil - almond, calendula acts as a tonic for mature skin, effectively maintaining its tone.


In accordance with the laws of Switzerland, since we are certified as a company selling cosmetic products, we have no right to mention the food quality of our products, as well as their medical properties.

That is why in our product descriptions only its cosmetic properties are mentioned.