Milk Thistle Seed Oil Organic 100 ml

CHF 4.50

Milk Thistle Oil, Organic

100% Milk Thistle oil, organic, without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and filtration.


INCI: Silybum Marianum Seed Oil


Origin: Austria

Uses in cosmetics:

• Traditional use of oils rich in essential fatty acids

• Body oil

• Scalp and hair care (hair loss).

Rich in Omega 6 and vitamin E, Milk Thistle Oil is recommended for mature skin and lack of vitality.

Antioxidant and restructuring, it actively participates in the beauty of your skin and its renewal.

Highly moisturizing, thistle oil offers mature skin a daily makeover.

It strengthens the mature skin by accelerating the renewal of collagen within the cells of the skin.

Powerful antioxidant, it prevents elastin from degrading and improves circulation at the cellular level.

Milk Thistle oil thus acts on the effects of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and spots of senescence (age spots).

Expression lines smooth, skin is firmer and the oval of your face is redesigned.