Cassia essential oil Organic 30 ml

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Cinnamomum cassia – Vietnam

Our organic cinnamomum cassia bark essential oil is steam distilled from the sustainably wild crafted bark of cinnamon tree growing wild in the forests of Vietnam.

The rich, spicy bark of the small Cinnamomum cassia evergreen tree creates a radiant, sweet, spicy essential oil. 

The warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon bark essential oil is ideal for use in diffuser blends and DIY cleaning blends, as it is so powerful and purifying.

Try blending cinnamon bark essential oil with lemon and orange for an incredibly effective air-purifying diffuser blend.

Emotionally and energetically, cinnamon bark essential oil grounds and restores.

This essential oil inspires courage and can offer emotional protection during particularly challenging times.

Cinnamon bark essential oil is incredibly uplifting and can gently improve morale.

Cinnamon essential oil in cosmetology

In cosmetology, cinnamon essential oil is used to prepare aromatherapy blends, massage oils, creams.

With it, there is every chance to get rid of cellulite.

Cinnamon essential oil for hair:

- will help to get rid of problems with brittleness and hair loss, dandruff

In case of contact with the skin in its pure form, it can cause an allergic reaction. It is very important to mix drops of cinnamon oil with carrier vegetable oils.

Presentation: Amber glass bottles, self-adhesive dropper with internal cone.

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