Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil 10 ml

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Melaleuca alternifolia – Australia

Our organic tea tree oil is steam distilled from the fragrant leaves of the tea tree, often growing wild in many parts of Australia.

Aromatic properties

Tea tree oil is one of the most actively used in the world.

The odor of Tea tree essential oil is not warm, but cold, invigorating, sharp, with strongly pronounced bitter, spicy and astringent notes, based on woody aroma.

The spicy nuances of wet, freshly sawn wood are captured first by inhalation of the oil, and sharp, bitter and cold nuances appear behind them. And the basis of the odor are fruit tones, seemingly inappropriate in this wood oil. They give the aroma of this oil mysterious and some weirdness.

Tea tree is not the essential oil that is actively used in perfume blends, because it combines only with low woody and spicy aromas, such as Scots Pine, Clove Stem, Petitgrain, Cinnamon and Lavender.

Impact on the emotional sphere

In the emotional sphere, tea oil can be called a real “antiseptic”: it helps get rid of delusions, obsessive ideas, fears, panic, and hysterical reactions.

This fragrance is suitable for those who wants to gain more independence and establish themselves in their self-sufficiency; it contributes to making rational decisions, courageous actions and efficiency.

Tea tree helps to resist negative influences and aggression, has a protective effect.

In addition, tea tree is the oil, which activates thought processes and perception, stimulates memory.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetic products, tea tree oil is used due to its antibacterial properties.

For daily care, tea tree oil is recommended only for oily skin.

This is one of the most effective essential oils to strengthen the hair and restore their structure, as well as to combat dandruff.

Home use

For the rooms’ aromatization, Tea tree essential oil disinfects the air, acting as an excellent prevention of the spread of viruses and infections.

Also, tea oil soothes the skin at the site of insect bites.


• Aroma bath can be taken no longer than for 10 minutes by adding up to 10 drops of oil to the water.

• Hot water inhalations - no longer than 10 minutes, adding to the water 5 drops of tea tree oil.

• For massage, up to 8 drops of oil to each tablespoon of base oil.

• For an aroma diffuser, 5 drops of oil are enough, for individual aroma pendants 1-2 drops.


Important: essential oils are highly concentrated vegetable essences, so they require dilution with carrier vegetable oils.

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