Sweet orange essential oil Organic 30 ml

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Citrus sinensis – Costa Rica

Our certified Organic Sweet Orange essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of sweet oranges handpicked from sun-kissed orchards in the countryside of South America. We love using sweet orange essential oil in blends to uplift the mind and spirit, as it often brings brightness and light wherever it goes.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil has, light, sweetish, slightly tart, and so sunny, with delicious summer notes, the odor of orange peel.

Bright fruity aroma, always causing a festive mood - not the only advantage of this essential oil.


Impact on the emotional sphere

Sweet Orange oil refers to the essential oils with a psychologically warming effect.

The warm and mild flavor of Sweet Orange oil belongs to tonic smells that help to improve mood and emotional state, relieve fatigue, get rid of anxiety, sleep disorders, internal discomfort, anxiety, nervousness, sadness.


Use in cosmetology

The most widespread Sweet orange essential oil has received in the field of cosmetology, showing itself as an excellent reducing agent for all skin types.

Cosmetics and emulsions enriched with orange oil help to restore the elasticity of dry fading skin and reduce wrinkles.

This oil is also used as a vitaminizing, bleaching, protective agent.

This oil is also excellent for oily skin: it will help to cope with enlarged pores.

As part of cosmetics for hair essential Sweet Orange oil helps to fight dandruff and excessive dryness.


Aromatic properties

Sweet Orange essential oil can be well combined and mixed with the majority of essential oils.

The best aroma partners for Sweet Orange oil are all citrus and coniferous oils, as well as essential oils: Ylang-Ylang, Juniper berry, Cinnamon Cassia, Niaouli, Frankincense Serrata, Clary Sage, Coriander and Cloves stem.

The ideal partner for Sweet Orange oil is considered to be essential oil of Lavender, emphasizing and supplementing its calming effect.

The use of Sweet Orange oil is based on its soothing, toning, regenerating, immune-stimulating, antiseptic, relaxing properties.


Home use

In addition to the cosmetic effect, the essential Sweet Orange oil has another useful feature - it perfectly eliminates unpleasant odors in the house, and also disinfects the air and increases efficiency.


• For the room aromatization: 5 drops per area of ​​20 square meters.

• To improve the quality of cosmetics - creams, tonics, milk, lotions - 5 drops of essential oil for every 15 grams of a cosmetic base. To take a relaxing and rejuvenating aromatic bath: 5 drops of oil, previously dissolved in honey or milk.

• For aroma massage, mix 2-3 drops of Sweet Orange oil with vegetable oil or a special relaxing massage cream.


Important: essential oils are highly concentrated vegetable essences, so they require dilution with carrier vegetable oils.

Presentation: Amber glass bottles, self-adhesive dropper with internal cone.

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