Citronella Java essential oil Organic 10 ml

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Cymbopogon winterianus – Indonesia

Our organic citronella java essential oil is steam distilled from the sustainably wildcrafted citronella java grass growing wild in Indonesia.

There are two types of citronella essential oil – we carry the citronella essential oil extracted from citronella java grass, which is particularly sought after by natural perfumists due to its lovely, complex aromatic profile.

Along with helping to purify against unwanted microbial activity, citronella java essential oil is popularly used to help repel mosquitoes and other insects that come around causing mischief.

Citronella java essential oil is also helpful for reducing unwelcome pain and inflammation.

It is both an antioxidant and astringent, making it a fantastic choice for skin care blends formulated for clarifying and rejuvenating the skin.

This essential oil is also calming and great for promoting sleep support.

Emotionally and energetically, citronella java essential oil calms and cleanses. This essential oil is often used to help cool and dispel negative emotions.

Application in cosmetology

Citronella Java essential oil is used in cosmetology, but less often than others. The ability to regulate sebum production makes it indispensable for skin with problematic rashes. Suitable for dry skin type, narrow pores.

In addition, it is useful for dry skin because it restores tone, nourishes moisture, and improves structure. Citronella Java essential oil softens the skin, removes the hardened layer, and is therefore suitable for peelings.

This is a great natural deodorant, so you can add to the baths or creams with sweating feet.

And antiviral properties are suitable for the prevention of herpes. It is enough to add a small amount to a lip balm.

Citronella Java Essential Oil for Face and Hair

Due to the special properties of Java citronella oil for face and hair, it is often used in mask recipes, added to cosmetics. It is able to refresh and regenerate.

For dry skin types oil is useful for its tightening qualities.

Citronella Java essential oil in hair care helps to get rid of dandruff, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reducing the fat content of hair. In addition, it will give a pleasant aroma to the curls.

Important: essential oils are highly concentrated vegetable essences, so they require dilution with carrier vegetable oils.

Presentation: Amber glass bottles, self-adhesive dropper with internal cone.

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