Castor oil Organic 250 ml

CHF 8.00

Castor Organic oil

100% Castor oil, organic, without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and filtration.

Usage: organic and natural cosmetics


Raw materials: India

Production: Germany

Botanical name: Ricinus communis

Mode of production: Mechanical pressing of the organic certified seeds then filtered.


Ingredients: Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E


Color: colorless to pale yellow

Odor: Almost odorless


  • soothing, emollient
  • nourishing, protective, regenerative
  • protecting against the cold (it can be used as is or lip balm)
  • invigorating hair, eyelashes and eyebrows
  • treatment for brittle nails
  • dry skin, pigmentation

Uses: Castor oil is thick and sticky. It strengthens the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. It should be rather localized care. It penetrates deeply on dry skin. It is rapidly absorbed through the skin and rinses off easily.

Storage: Keep the castor oil in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.