Black cumin seed oil Organic 50 ml

CHF 4.50

Black Cumin Oil Cold Pressed, Organic

Usage: organic and natural cosmetics

Botanical name: Nigella sativa

Other common names: black seed oil, oil of the Pharaohs, Nigelle

Origin: Egypt, pressed in Germany

Mode of production: mechanical pressing of the organic certified seeds then filtered.

Ingredients: Rich in essential fatty acids.

Color: Green Brown

Odor: spicy


  • Protecting cells (relaxes and soothes the skin)
  • Regenerative 
  • dry, irritated, mature, damaged skin
  • invigorating scalp, damaged hair, hair loss

Use: Nigella oil is thick and it is moderately absorbed through the skin. It's perfect for dry skin, night cream and to protect the skin from the cold during the winter.

Storage: Keep Nigella oil in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.