Calophyllum (Tamanu) Organic oil 25 gr

CHF 5.00

Calophylle inophylline (Tamanu) Organic oil

INCI: Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil

Origin: India

First cold pressing then light filtration (there is still a lot of active pulp).

100% pure and natural, virgin, first cold pressed, without any chemical treatment, rich in pulp, cosmetic quality.

This oil possesses very powerful active ingredients which, as we know, facilitate blood circulation.

Rich with the powerful calming active ingredients, this oil is one of choice ingredients for care of the skin cracked or subject to reddening.

It is also ideal support for preparation of massage oils of "easy legs".

Thanks to the fluidizing active ingredients, it is the ingredient known for toning of blood circulation and maintenance of illumination of legs.

Known as restoring, it promotes regeneration of tissues of skin and gives elasticity and elasticity to skin. Its cleaning active ingredients do Calophylle oil by excellent skin oil with shortcomings.

Rich with the soft calming connections, Calophylle vegetable oil is interesting accompanied in massage products in case of articulate and muscular discomfort.

Helps to fight against extensions, discomfort in joints.

Tamanu oil is a wonderful, highly effective and useful oil.

Promotes formation of new fabrics, acceleration of healing and growth of healthy skin.

Use it separately or mix with other carriers and essential oils. Try to kindle it with shea butter, jojoba, beeswax and coconut oil for receiving curative oil for a body.