Almond oil Organic 100 ml

CHF 9.00

Organic Sweet Almond oil, cold pressed

INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil


Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics

Country of origin: Spain

Properties: Emollient (softens the skin) and is very nourishing

Anti-desiccant revitalizing and invigorating the tired dull and faded skin

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle (vitamins A and E) soothing to irritated skin or after a "sunburn"


Vegetable oil sweet almond is very creamy and perfect for sensitive, irritated or dehydrated skin.

It can be used for the delicate skin around the eyes or effective makeup remover.

It is very popular in massage oil for babies and entering lots of cosmetic compositions.

It blends well with essential oils and can also be applied on the dry ends of hair.