Hazelnut oil Organic 250 ml

CHF 18.50

Hazelnut oil Organic

INCI: Corylus avellana

Origin: Turkey/France

Method of production:

By mechanical pressure (1st cold pressure) of hazelnuts (Corylus avellana), then filtered.


The composition of hazelnut oil is close to that of the sweet almond. It contains oleic acid (70 to 88%), linoleic acid (5-10%), steric acid (0.9 to 3%), palmitic acid (0.9 to 2%).

Color: light yellow

Odor: characteristic, fragrant


  • soothing to irritated skin
  • regulator (regulates excess sebum)
  • astringent, helps eliminate blackheads
  • emollient (softens the skin) and nourishing
  • Anti-desiccant
  • facilitates drainage (venous)


Hazelnut oil is a very fluid base oil.

It penetrates well and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin.

Excellent for massage and is especially popular for muscle massage combining the flexibility and easy penetration.

A few drops can be used for diaper rash, dry skin on children.


Keep in a hazelnut oil bottle tightly closed in a cool (below 25 ° C), air and light.