Borage oil Organic 15 ml

CHF 3.00

Borage Seed Oil Cold Pressed, Organic

Usage: organic and natural cosmetics


100% Borage oil, organic, without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and filtration.

Botanical name: Borago officinalis

Origin: China

Mode of production: mechanical pressing of organic certified seeds then filtered.

Ingredients : Borage oil contains vitamin E (approx. 88mg/100 g), minerals and is particularly rich in gamma-linolenic acid (approx. 21%) and essential fatty acids (approx. 38%). It contains erucic acid an emollient rare in the plant.

Color: Yellow to green

Odor: Characteristic


  • regenerating and revitalizing the skin fragile, damaged and irritated
  • remarkable anti-wrinkle
  • Protecting cells and softening skin
  • Anti-stretch marks
  • helps to fight against brittle nails, dry hair

Uses: Borage oil may be used pure or in combination with other oils. It is suitable for mature or dry skins, combined with Avocado oil, Argan or Macadamia, and sensitive skin in combination with apricot kernel oil or jojoba. It goes well with the essential oil of sage (Salvini officinalis).

Storage: Keep Borage oil in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.