Black Currant oil Organic 15 ml

CHF 4.50

Blackcurrant oil is obtained from blackcurrant seeds by cold pressing.


Provenance of the seeds: Poland

Manufacturing: Germany

Odor: fresh black currant berries

Blackcurrant seed oil is an indispensable and non-alternative source of unique omega fatty acids.

This is one of the rarest and most valuable base oils that are actively used not only in the pharmaceutical but also in the cosmetic industry, primarily in anti-aging therapy.

The most valuable component in currant oil, which served as the reason for giving it a unique status, is gamma-linoleic acid.

In addition to it, the base oil also has a very high percentage of tocopherols and carotenoids, sugar, unique tartaric, succinic, malic, phosphoric, nicotinic acids, riboflavin and thiamine, iron, copper, aluminum, manganese, and vitamins of the PP group.

Blackcurrant oil can be added to cosmetics, massage products and other base oils to improve the vitamin and acid composition (up to 10 drops per 15 grams of base).

Application in cosmetology

The cosmetic properties of currant oil are determined by a complex of moisturizing, regenerating and leveling (smoothing) characteristics.

This oil allows you to most actively stimulate collagen synthesis, restore the barrier functions of the epidermis, restores skin elasticity.

This is the most effective base oil for the comprehensive restoration of aging, dry, irritated and flaky skin. It is considered an indispensable tool for aging, dehydrated and aging skin, the main component of anti-aging aromatherapy.

The restoring and deeply regenerating properties of the base oil are also manifested in the effect on the nail plate, in particular in the treatment of fragility and delamination of nails.

Currant oil is an effective hair care product. Its regular use allows you to restore the shine and strength of the hair.

Usage and Dosage

Due to the content of active amino acids during pregnancy and lactation, blackcurrant oil can be taken internally only after an individual consultation with your doctor.

This also applies to hemophilia sufferers, because the oil is capable of exhibiting antithrombotic symptoms.

Store the oil exclusively in the refrigerator and with the packaging tightly closed.

Currant oil is considered "night" and is most often used in skin care products at night. It can be applied directly to the skin or hair in a diluted form or added to cosmetics, used as a carrier of essential oils.

• For massage use a mixture of not more than twenty percent blackcurrant oil with another base oil and the addition of 3-6 drops of essential oil for every 20 ml of base.

• Masks and applications in combination with almond oil or 2-3 drops of an essential oil that is suitable for its properties is applied using an impregnated napkin, applied no more than 2 times a day for 15 to 30 minutes.

• To restore the skin after a shower or bath, diluted oil, for each 10 ml of which 5 drops of lavender essential oil is added, is applied gently rubbing the skin.