KIT “Romantic” of Organic essential oils

CHF 45.00

For a long time, essential oils helped create an atmosphere of love. In particular, their special class is aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiac oils will add sparks to your relationship!

1. Ylang-Ylang Organic essential oil is one of the strongest aphrodisiac essential oils. The aroma of this oil has a special gift of attracting attention. Ylang-Ylang oil colors the relationship in bright unique colors, instills confidence and helps to guess the most secret desires of a partner.

2. Patchouli Organic essential oil enhances sensuality, relieves stress. Stimulates sexual desire.

3. Clove stem Organic essential oil is an exciting aphrodisiac. Enhances sensuality, relieves stress. This oil warms, enhances the flow of sexual energy and ignites the fire of passion.

4. Petitgrain Organic essential oil helps lovers to open up, better feel each other and bring an element of creativity and play together.

5. Cedar Atlas Organic essential oil has a beneficial effect on the sexual sphere. Relieves stress, eliminates nervousness.

6. Litsea Cubeba Organic essential oil is famous for its magical aphrodisiac properties. Its exotic scent awakens erotic fantasies.

7. Blood orange Organic essential oil enhances passion and craving for each other, making laughter and fun almost inevitable. This oil will decorate a romantic evening with its fresh, sweet aroma!

8. Frankincense Organic essential oil has a delicate sensual and exciting aroma.

Excites the most daring fantasies and liberates.

Ideas for a romantic evening with our essential oils.

1. Body aromatization

Before a date, apply essential oil to the body. For the preparation of seductive perfumes, add 1 drop of essential oil to 10 ml of the base (suitable jojoba oil, sweet almonds, olive oil).

2. Aroma massage

For an erotic massage you will need a mutual romantic mood, 10 drops of any aphrodisiac in 15 ml of base oil. Massage with gentle stroking movements.

3. Aroma bath

Make an aromatic bath and take it together. Dissolve the essential oil in the sea, salt, honey or cream per 6-7 drops of aphrodisiac per 200 liters of water. As you know, joint water procedures unite, and essential oils add sensuality and bring novelty to each other's perceptions.

4. Aroma lamp in the bedroom

Fill the air with the scent of love. It is simple to do: take an aroma lamp, fill the bowl with water and add 5-8 drops of essential oil per 15 square meters.

5. Fragrance of bed linen and clothes

To make bedding and clothes fragrant, sprinkle them with an aphrodisiac dissolved in water from a spray bottle - 3-4 drops per glass of water. To dissolve the oil, mix it with salt and then add to water. You can also put 2 drops on a napkin and put in a box with bedding.

Love each other and have fun!

“Romantic” KIT includes:

- Round case with a zipper for 8 bottles, 5 ml each

- Eight bottles of Organic essential oils, 5 ml each:



Clove Stem


Cedar Atlas

Litsea Cubeba

Blood orange


All the essential oils are good till 12.2025.