Spruce Fir needle essential oil Organic 10 ml

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Our Organic Spruce Fir needle essential oil is steam distilled from the sustainably wild crafted needles and twigs of the spruce tree growing wild in certain evergreen forests in Italy.

The richly fragrant needles and twigs of the Picea abies evergreen tree create a sweet, piney, woodsy, citrusy, camphor-like, radiant essential oil.

Try adding Spruce Fir needle essential oil to blends formulated to help soothe and ease muscle tension.

This essential oil is also lovely in a diffuser when one is looking to clear and purify the room from any unwanted microbial activity.

Emotionally and energetically, Spruce Fir needle essential oil strengthens and revitalizes. This essential oil can invite forgiveness and encourage greater self-acceptance.

Essential oil is obtained only from spruce needles by the standard steam distillation method for all woody ones.

Outwardly, spruce oil is colorless, flowing, and very light; it is easily recognizable by its characteristic smell, which stands out from the group of other coniferous essential oils.

In spruce aroma oil it is sharp, strong, and surprisingly fresh with an intense bitter-resinous base.

Selecting a complementary aroma to spruce oil is not easy, because the intensity and richness of its own smell easily eclipses and completely hides the aroma of other essential oils.

The aroma of spruce goes well with pink, lemon balm, verbena, tangerine, orange, bergamot, as well as essential oils of ylang-ylang, petitgrain and rosewood.

The emotional effect of the aroma of spruce oil has the same effect as live spruce during your favorite winter holidays - it relieves depressive symptoms, soothes, quickly eliminates nervousness and tension, is an ideal way to raise your mood, eliminate feelings of loneliness and desolation.

Spruce oil allows you to abandon the futility, cheer up, create the feeling of a special event, serves as an ideal background for self-knowledge and self-improvement, and opens up new communication opportunities.

The cosmetic properties of spruce oil are manifested in the general improvement of the condition and increase of the protective functions of the epidermis, the revitalization of tired, lost skin smoothness and elasticity.

This oil is effective in combating hair problems, in particular as a prophylactic supplement for dandruff and in preventing hair loss.

In the domestic sphere, the essential oil extracted by distillation from spruce needles is an ideal tool for aromatic accompaniment of procedures in the bath and sauna.

It is also used for scenting candles and in home soap making. It is strictly forbidden to apply spruce oil undiluted on the skin. Even in a mixture with emollient base oil, be prepared for the fact that the oil from spruce needles for two minutes will cause a noticeable tingling of the skin.

• For aroma lamps, for every 15 square meters of the room, you can add from 3 to a maximum of 7 drops of spruce.

• For personal aroma pendants, it is better to limit yourself to no more than 2 drops.

• A couple of drops of spruce oil are used for hot inhalations lasting from 3 to 6 minutes.

• For delightfully refreshing aroma baths, it is better to dissolve spruce oil in honey, adding from a drop of 4 drops (for the first procedure) to a maximum of 7 drops to a full bath.

• For compresses and lotions, just apply 4 to 5 drops of oil to a damp cloth.

• For one session of the sauna, you can use no more than 7 drops of oil from spruce needles, while it is better to prepare an alcohol solution.

Important: essential oils are highly concentrated vegetable essences, so they require dilution with carrier vegetable oils.

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