Broccoli Seed Oil Organic 5 kg

CHF 395.00

Broccoli Seed Oil Cold Pressed, Organic - for cosmetic use only.

100% Broccoli seed oil organic without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and filtration.

INCI: Brassica Oleracea Italica

Origin: Italy

This lightweight, non-greasy ingredient is celebrated for performance in hair and skin care products.

Broccoli Seed Oil has a pungent odor – similar to the vegetable broccoli – with a slightly yellow tint. It is well suited for broad applications in personal care and cosmetic products due to its skin and hair nourishing, calming, soothing and moisturizing properties.

It makes it an excellent emollient. Broccoli Seed Oil lends itself to use in lip balms, skin creams and hair care products.

The oil can easily be used as an all-natural alternative to silicone in shampoos and conditioners. As a hair care ingredient, Broccoli Seed Oil is appropriate for curly hair formulations and helps improve the appearance of flyway’s and frizz.

Some people are turning to broccoli seed oil as a healthier alternative to prescription or over-the-counter retinoid or retinol products. These products all utilize a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself faster.

In addition to vitamin A, broccoli seed oil also contains linoleic acid, which promotes ceramide synthesis.

Ceramides, found in the top layer of the skin, not only regulate the skin cells, but they also help form a protective layer that retains moisture and visibly plumps the skin.

By promoting ceramide production, broccoli seed oil can be especially helpful to mature skin that’s looking for added moisture and a more youthful appearance — another way to help naturally slow aging.

Broccoli seed oil included more and more in the following:

Anti-aging oils and serums




Hair styling products

Body and hand lotions


Lip care products

How to Use Broccoli Seed Oil

Hair Uses

Flyaways or frizz — To tame those annoying stray strands of hair, simply put a couple of drops of broccoli seed oil on the palms of your hands, rub your hands together, and distribute evenly throughout hair or just on the problem areas. Use more or less oil depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Split ends — To help keep split ends under control until your next haircut, try putting a couple of drops of broccoli seed oil on your finger tips and running them over the ends of your hair as needed.

Scalp treatment — With all its fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, this is a great oil to massage into your scalp for an easy at-home treatment. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash and condition as usual.

Conditioner booster — You can also add a few drops of broccoli seed oil to your favorite conditioner.

Skin Uses

Dry skin — Apply a drop or two of broccoli seed oil into any dry areas of your body. Use more oil if the area of concern is larger. Massage the oil in lightly until it is absorbed. It can also help calm skin inflammation and irritation.

Wrinkles or dryness on face/neck — Put several drops of broccoli oil across the palms of your hands and rub your palms together to warm up the oil. Now pat and press the oil all over your face and neck. If you use a moisturizer, put it on before the oil.

Overnight skin care treatment — Apply in the same manner at night for an overnight skincare treatment.

Razor bumps and burns —Warm a drop or two of the oil in your hands and lightly massage into the affected area to promote healing.

Nails and cuticles — To give your nails and cuticles a therapeutic treat, dot a fraction of a drop of broccoli seed oil directly onto each nail, one at a time, and rub into the nail bed and cuticle. Leave on until all nails have been treated. Make sure to remove any nail polish and rinse thoroughly before applying the oil.