Rose quartz massage roller

CHF 15.00

Rose quartz massage roller for face - a pleasant massage for a firmer skin

• Rose quartz is a natural stone with many healing virtues

• Protective and healing action

• Stimulating and decongestant effect


This massage roller is made of rose quartz, a stone with the famous healing properties. It brings emotionally, soothing and self-love, and also has many physical benefits such as a healing and anti-aging action.

In addition, it stimulates the circulatory system and cell renewal, and has a decongestant and astringent effect. Thanks to the Rose quartz roller, you will find a fresh, smooth and radiant complexion.


• The face roller can be used at any time and as often as desired. For visible results, it should be used at least for 5/10 minutes 5 times a week.

• In the evening, clean the skin of the face before using the roller.

• Apply our organic oil on your choice on the face and massage gently with the roller so that the natural ingredients present in the serum are perfectly absorbed and can thus develop optimally.

• Place the roller in the center of the face and apply slight pressure horizontally towards the temples / ears.

• We recommend starting with the eyes and ending with the chin. The double chin can be reduced by exerting a pressure of the chin to the clavicle (vertical movement this time).


• Keep your roller in the refrigerator for an even more effective, relaxing and refreshing effect!

• Rose quartz massage roller can be cleaned with a small amount of mild natural soap. It is important that the product is thoroughly dried with a towel or a soft cloth.

Your order will include:

1 x Rose quartz Roller

1 x Storage case

1 x Massage glove

Instruction for use