Diffuser MONQ SEXY

CHF 25.00

MONQ Therapeutic Air® personal essential oil aromatherapy diffuser.

MONQ is the simplest aromatherapy device in history. You don’t have to know anything about essential oils - MONQ does that for you. 

Simply pick the way you want to feel, open your MONQ, and breathe in as your MONQ diffuses an eclectic blend of essential oils and wild plant extracts! 

Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ directly inserts aromatherapy into your olfactory system. 

When you pick up a MONQ, you’re holding the key to an ancient wellness art, enhanced for the modern age.

Breathe Therapeutic Air®, and immediately access a proven history of natural life-enhancing benefits.

MONQ is available currently in two “Feel the way you want” blends, all of which are organic, natural, and free of nicotine, tobacco, or artificial chemicals.

Sexy MONQ - Jasmine, Lime, Patchouli

Love MONQ – Cacao, Siam wood, Davana

For the most effective experience, use gentle breaths: 

1. Remove the MONQ personal diffuser from its white protective case. 

2. Press your lips to the end opposite of the jewel. 

3. Breathe in through your mouth without inhaling into your lungs, similar to sipping on a straw. 

4. Exhale through your nose. 

How does MONQ work?

Plants encode fragrance information in the form of terpenes and other fragrant molecules.

Plants broadcast signals to their environment through terpenes and other secondary metabolites. These terpenes and metabolites contain sensory messages that can be captured in the form of essential oils.

The brain translates scent information into memories, ideas, emotions, and more.

Terpenes carry scent information to olfactory neurons in the nose and sinuses. Olfactory neurons transmit complex scent data to the olfactory bulb in the brain. This information is then directly transmitted to other areas of the brain that are responsible for perception, learning, and emotion.

Therapeutic Air® makes it simple and efficient to explore the natural process of scent-evoked memory and emotion.

MONQ provides specifically designed essential oil blends that deliver the same terpene messages plants communicate in their natural environments.