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Aloe Vera Organic Oil macerate 100 ml

Aloe Vera Oil, Organic based on Sunflower Oil, Organic. Aloe vera extract, Organic (< 5%) is solved in sunflower oil deodorized, Organic (>95%). INCI: Helianthus Annus Seed Oil/ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Usage: organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics Raw materials origin: Moldova-Italy Production country: Germany Appearance: light yellow Odor: product typical, without off-smell Flavor: product typical, without off flavor Consistency: liquid Maceration of organic Aloe Vera juice in organic sunflower oil. 100% natural, without any chemical treatment or addition, cosmetic quality. Revitalizing and smoothing, this oily macerate is an ingredient of choice to restore elasticity to your skin. The epidermis is more supple, and the complexion more luminous. Our Organic Aloe Vera oil for your face and skin: Soothe sunburn Moisturize Fight aging Lighten blemishes   Our Organic Aloe Vera oil for your hair and scalp: Promote healthy hair growth Prevent dandruff Nourish and condition the hair and scalp.

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Argan oil Organic 50 ml

Organic Argan oil INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil Origin: Morocco Argan oil is often referred to as ‘Liquid gold’, and for a good reason. Argan oil is a natural anti-aging remedy, rich in both antioxidants and Vitamin E, and a useful moisturizer that can be used from head to toe. Since argan oil is not greasy, it would not clog your pores, making it an excellent option for a facial moisturizer. Its antioxidants and essential fatty acids help the skin maintain its elasticity as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil is perfect for nourishing dry hair and nails.

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Babassu oil virgin, Organic 50 gr

Babassu oil virgin, Organic INCI: Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil Origin: Brazil 100% organic Babassu oil without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing. Usage: Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics Unrefined babassu oil has a cream colored tinge with a wonderful nutty scent and is solid at room temperatures (below 24° C), but melts readily upon contact with the skin. Babassu oil has been prized in South America for its great moisturizing quality and beneficial effect on the skin. A deeply penetrating moisturizing oil, it is a great coconut substitute - it saponifies easily and yields a mild soap with good lather. It is a superior emollient, beneficial for both dry and oily complexions, gently moisturizing the skin without contributing to an oily sheen, often to treat dry, itchy and inflamed skin. Babassu oil is an ideal oil for soaps. Fine and penetrating texture, babassu oil is a very good support for preparing massage oils. Thanks to its foaming power once saponified, it is also very interesting to make "homemade" soaps in cold saponification. This very penetrating and film-forming oil thanks to its richness in lauric acid, but also soft and emollient, is perfect for all even sensitive skin. Its high concentration of tocotrienols also gives it antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This oil is used for the preparation of "homemade" cosmetics for the face, body and hair, it is also ideal for the manufacture of your soaps "homemade" in cold saponification, because it brings a good foaming power. Babassu oil is great in soaps, creams, lotions and for massage. It keeps the skin moist and wrinkle free. This is a perfect oil for hair: Dry hair Fragile hair Soothes itchy scalp Helps promote growth Helps promote hair elasticity Helps promote thicker hair

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Coconut deodorized Organic oil 50 gr

Coconut Deodorized Organic oil Usage: organic and natural cosmetics 100 % Coconut oil, without any additives. Deodorized coconut oil is produced from the pulp of Cocos nucifera L. and afterwards deodorized. Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera Origin: Philippines Mode of production: Mechanical pressing of the organic certified dried coconut then filtered and deodorized. Composition: Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric acid approx. 48%). Color: Ivory Odor: quite neutral Appearance: solid below 24 ° C, liquid above 24 ° C Properties: • Smoothing • Restorative and nourishing for dry skin and hair • Soothing (in after sun) Usage: Coconut oil is an oil for all skin types including dry skin, chapped or irritated. Solid at room temperature, it melts immediately upon contact with skin. It leaves no greasy film. It is very popular in massage oil (baby massage) and often used in making natural soaps. Storage: Keep the Coconut oil in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.

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Olive oil Organic deodorized 250 ml

Organic Olive Deodorized Oil Usage: Organic and natural cosmetics 100% Olive oil, organic, without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing and deodorized INCI: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil Origin: Tunisia Uses of Olive Deodorized Oil: Skincare for its ability to clean, moisturize, and eliminate bacteria by deeply penetrating pores without clogging them.  Its antioxidant properties help prevent skin from showing signs of premature aging by restoring its smoothness, creating a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, and preventing skin damage caused by free radicals.  It is an effective oil as makeup remover for even the most stubborn waterproof products. Ideal substitute for shaving cream, as it allows for a closer, more refreshing shave.  It can also be applied as an invigorating aftershave.  It can be used in nail care to soften and moisturize the cuticles, and it can be used to create a natural facial mask. Used in hair, Olive Deodorized Oil coats the hair shaft to protect it from environmental pollutants while repairing damage caused by heat and dyes.  It leaves hair looking and feeling stronger, smoother, sleeker, and healthier. This is a good oil for sportive massage. It works to repair skin that is damaged by sunburns and enhances skin’s appearance to maintain a youthful, radiant complexion.

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Pomegranate seed oil Organic 100 ml

Pomegranate seed oil Organic Botanical Name: Punica granatum Origin: Turkey Method of production: by mechanical pressing the organic pomegranate seeds, then filtered. Composition: The seed oil is particularly rich in alpha punicic acid (omega-5, conjugated acid) approx. 60%, a powerful antioxidant. Other ingredients: Vitamins (E and F), fatty acid oleic acid ca. 12% linoleic acid (omega-6) approx. 14% oleic acid, palmitic acid ca. 4% stearic acid ca. 3%. Color: Yellow/reddish Smell: discrete, characteristic Properties: • anti-oxidant (anti-wrinkle) • softening, protective • nourishing, anti-desiccant • restorative and regenerative • soothing (skin irritation, after-shave, hair removal, after-sun) Use: A precious oil that is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It activates cell renewal, improves skin elasticity and regenerates the skin. It can be applied in pure treatments (dry, irritated). It is recommended in cases of dermatitis and is an excellent after sun care. For the production of cosmetics, this oil is an active ingredient of high quality. It complements well with oil of Macadamia or Argan. We also obtain a balanced synergy by mixing equal parts with Rosehip Oil, another precious oil and evening primrose oil (or hemp). Storage: Keep vegetable oil from pomegranate seeds in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.  

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