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Coconut deodorized Organic oil 25 kg

Coconut Deodorized Organic oil Usage: organic and natural cosmetics 100 % Coconut oil, without any additives. Deodorized coconut oil is produced from the pulp of Cocos nucifera L. and afterwards deodorized. Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera Origin: Philippines Mode of production: Mechanical pressing of the organic certified dried coconut then filtered and deodorized. Composition: Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids (lauric acid approx. 48%). Color: Ivory Odor: quite neutral Appearance: solid below 24 ° C, liquid above 24 ° C Properties: • Smoothing • Restorative and nourishing for dry skin and hair • Soothing (in after sun) Usage: Coconut oil is an oil for all skin types including dry skin, chapped or irritated. Solid at room temperature, it melts immediately upon contact with skin. It leaves no greasy film. It is very popular in massage oil (baby massage) and often used in making natural soaps. Storage: Keep the Coconut oil in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.

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Shea butter crude Organic 25 kg

Shea butter Crude, Organic Botanical name / INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter Usage: Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics 100% Shea butter, organic, without any additives, produced by crushing of the shea nuts, adding of water to get an emulsion, warming of emulsion and separation of fat. Color: yellow Origin: Burkina-Faso Odor: strong, pleasant Long-term usage of shea butter has proven to show skin strengthening, smoothening and wrinkle-reduction benefits. Shea butter has a high amount of skin-loving vitamins and fatty acids, which penetrate deep into the skin layers, lock in the moisture, keeping the skin well hydrated. Lupeol Cinnamate, a compound found in shea butter, is known to reduce inflammation, neutralize effects of free radicals and potentially avoid skin mutation. Not just that, shea butter has a high ratio of oleic, palmitic and linolenic acids that bolster the skin's collagen level, erasing stretch marks, and making the skin smooth and supple. Immediately after your bath, massage it to your skin, sparingly. Our Organic Shea butter will keep your skin remain dewy soft and supple, all day long. Storage: Cool, dry place, protected against light.

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Shea butter deodorized Organic 25 kg

Shea Butter deodorized, Organic Usage: natural food / Organic and natural cosmetics 100% Shea butter, organic, without any additives, produced by mechanical cold pressing, filtration, deodorization. Botanical Name: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter Odor: quite neutral Origin: Burkina Faso Ingredients: Rich in vitamins A (retinol), E (tocopherol) and F (linoleic acid). Contains 15% of unsaponifiables. Main properties: Makes skin more elastic, stimulates collagen synthesis, slows skin aging, moisturizes skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, improves skin microcirculation, protects against external aggressions and UV. Unsaponifiables (15% shea butter, while vegetable oils contain only 0.5 to 2% - except avocado oil that contains up to 6%) are very valuable and are among the most important active ingredients in natural cosmetics. Directions: Shea butter is used mainly to fight against dehydration. In the dry season and during winter, it prevents cracks and crevices. It is also used for hair (prevents the formation of dandruff and soothes the scalp). On the therapeutic level, Shea butter is used in massage hot to treat strains, sprains, dislocations and muscle aches (for synergies, we can combine it with essential oils anti-inflammatory drugs, such as essential oil wintergreen). Storage: Keep Shea Butter in a tightly closed container away from heat (temperature below 25 ° C), air and light.  

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