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Welcome to the world of Organic products!

We prefer natural vegetable oils obtained from organically grown raw materials, first cold pressed, 100% natural, certified by Ecocert IMOswiss AG.

Discover our Organic vegetable oils in bulk.

Our Organic essential oils are pure and natural, complete, unmodified.

Our Organic macerates are obtained by maceration of plants in vegetable oils. Our oily macerates are fresh, pure and 100% natural, without additives or preservatives. Very high quality, they are concentrated assets!

We have a beautiful range of pure and natural Organic vegetable butters and waxes, without bleaching, without preservative and without perfume.

For each product we have the analysis, the specifications and the Safety data sheet.

We post on our Facebook page detailed descriptions of our products, recipes for preparing your own cosmetic products at home, tips for using vegetable and essential oils, as well as many other interesting information. Click on Facebook icon on our website and you will find out a lot of interesting things...

Our products and our website are inspected by SAAV: 


In accordance with the laws of Switzerland, since we are certified as a company selling cosmetic products, we have no right to mention the food quality of our products, as well as their medical properties.

That is why in our product descriptions only its cosmetic properties are mentioned.

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